Awards: 5th Economics & Business Contest

On Friday 17 June 2016, the university Pablo de Olavide (Seville) gave awards for the winners and finalists of the 5th Economics and Business Contest, organized by the College of Entrepreneurial Studies and held on 1 June.
The main goal of this contest is to reward students who have a trajectory of academic excellence, as well as selecting those who will compete in the final phase, at a national level, in Valladolid.
The awards ceremony took place in the university's press room with the attendance of professors and relevant administrative staff from the departments of International Relations and Entrepreneurial Studies.
A student from our school was honored as one of the finalists: María Gutiérrez, senior year student at EIS. She attended the ceremony, accompanied by our Economics teacher Mr. José Carlos Márquez, where they received a certification of having reached the final phase.
We want to congratulate María for her great effort and for the high-quality work she has done during her time in EIS. We wish her luck as she moves on to a new stage as a college student!
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