Why are we an ‘international school’?

Global Outlook

When it comes to our children's education, 'essential' means the best we can provide within our reach. The term 'international' per se is not meant to convey anything regarding the quality of our education. We are an international school because we are European and we want to arouse in our students a love for the heritage of the Western world. Above all, an international school is one where one can learn that the best and worst things of humanity, the 'foreignness' or familiarity of our neighbours, are not distributed according to geographical borders. An international school is also one where students learn to be citizens of the world. All this necessarily implies being able to communicate fluently in several languages. Teachers at Europa International School believe it is essential to aspire to improve our educational level in terms of international frameworks of reference, while also encouraging a joyful childhood and early youth in our students. Therefore, we are constantly in contact with other schools worldwide and we foster student exchanges that will allow them to naturally come into contact with foreign cultures and languages. At the same time, our students pursue the study of two languages (other than Spanish) and they sit foreign language exams to obtain certificates from prestigious and internationally recognized institutions.


The school's official language is Spanish, although there is a significant proportion of student families which have some other mother tongue.
Throughout Primary and Secondary (up to their senior year, prior to university access), every student must study and be assessed in two languages other than Spanish: English, German, or French. The aim is no less than to be competent in all skills of these two foreign languages.
The study of English begins in Pre-school (at age 3) and is compulsory all the way up to senior year. During the stages of Pre-school and Primary, between 15 and 20 hours are taught in English. In 5th grade, a thrid language is chosen, either French or German.