Students & families

What we expect from students and families joining our educational project

Our school already has the advantageous experience of seeing many of our graduates become college graduates. We have numerous alumni who are students and professionals around the globe. There are also alumni who are parents of current EIS students, including teachers. They are all different in their personal circumstances, outlook on life and professional trajectory. Success in life (genuine success, that is) is brought about and expressed in very diverse modalities.

There is, however, a common trait among those who succeeded in piloting, as it were, their own lives, and in remaining faithful to their essence despite existing differences in circumstances (country of residence, profession, etc.). They all found, during their years as part of our educational community at EIS, an identification and convergence between their families and the team of educators who shaped them during their crucial formative years. Their families had chosen Europa International School as their own school, and as the school for their child in particular.

We desire that everyone who joins our school and educational project may feel there is a reciprocal aspect about their contribution and ours. Namely, we are eager to receive people who have chosen our project as one that is in line with the professional environment and style that they believe suits their children. The decision of students and their families to join us should be a conscientious and free one, always taking into account the variety of our offer.

Our requirement from teachers is that they partner in their formative task with parents, from their situation and vocation as educators. We expect families to help the student take up, joyfully and decidedly, the challenge and opportunity of maximizing the resources and programs that EIS offers and devotes to a holistic model of education.

This is consistent and in keeping with our mission, our philosophy and vocation.