Student exchange programs

Europa International School has diverse student exchange programs with prestigious schools from other countries. These exchange programs are continually growing and gradually being consolidated.

The programs, conceived for secondary school students of ages ranging from 12 to 16, are basically of two kinds: 
-  Full immersion: Lasting between 4 and 12 weeks, these exchanges consist of small groups of selected students. Ages typically range from 15 to 17. 
-  Culture and language focused: These are of short duration (between one and three weeks), and larger groups take part in them. Ages range from 12 to 15.

Each foreign language department coordinates the programs, establishing dates, group sizes, etc. It is the Head of the corresponding school year taking part in the exchange who selects specific students. This process of selection is based on various criteria including, but not limited to, academic performance, whereby students with an appropriate profile are chosen for the different programs.

International exchanges constitute priceless life experiences for our students. As well as profiting from academic and linguistic immersion, they go through a mind-opening process as a consequence of coming into direct contact with different cultures and finding fellowship with students and families they would otherwise never come to know.

Likewise, students who temporarily join our school through an exchange program take part in cultural visits, as well as in a variety of specially designed courses (e.g. Spanish as a foreign language) and Europa School’s habitual academic life (Science & Technology, Humanities, etc.).