‘Quaestio’: computerized learning

A study room in the age of the Internet

During a variable number of weekly hours, teachers of each subject have the option of taking their students to a large computer room where each student has his/her own computer.

All computers in this study room are connected to central computers (servers). Thousands of questions are stored there, corresponding to each of the subjects that make up the school's curriculum. Within each subject/area, there are divisions and categories corresponding to academic stages from Primary to Baccalaureate. Students can organize their own self-study session according to the appropriate subject and level, always under the teachers' supervision. Questions on all subjects (except foreign languages) appear randomly in Spanish and English. Question banks are recurrently expanded and updated every year, taking into account student performance.

  Quaestio is not merely an assessment tool but a system of self-study, since the different programs provide specific feedback based on the kind of errors that may be found in students' answers.
A server simultaneously keeps a daily record of students' level of work in this system of computerized assessment and study. Their answers and the rates of right and wrong answers in each subject, unit and session are recorded. Each student's performance record (including a detailed account of the time they have spent on each unit, the number of questions answered, their particular progress, etc.) constitutes a personal and individualized report ("Evaluatio") that is continually updated.

This way, teachers can immediately analyze the student's real level, both of knowledge and skills, achieved and acquired in a given area of their subject. 

On the other hand, Quaestio provides parents with continual, recent, and immediately available information about their child's level of work, progress, etc. It is both a valuable and convenient window into the student's real academic performance.

The "Quaestio" system has been developed by and for our school, and it is upgraded and maintained by our R&D Department.