Pedagogy of joy

There in no educational goal that can be achieved, in the deepest sense, unless positive reinforcement and affective satisfaction accompany each accomplishment.

Our school's specific method is based on cultivating the student's own liking and incorporating to the learning process his/her ability to enjoy the different facets of excellence (ethical, aesthetic, or intellectual), all of which is already part of the student's inner being and simply requires being externalized.
With this goal in view, a wide range of resources are deployed for students to see, touch and experiment with, according to the different areas of specialization (labs, music rooms, ICT, Art History, etc.), and also a number of field trips and sessions are carried out outside the classroom context. The aim is to learn to enjoy oneself, to feel comfortable and at ease with things that at first seem artificial. 'Natural' is best; it is the option of 'excellence' from among the ethical, aesthetic and intellectual possibilities humans have available.

This pedagogical principle (eliciting students' own liking, teaching them to enjoy excellence), accompanied by the ample resources and spaces for enjoyment, and the close (almost familial) relationship of tutors and teachers with their students, make EIS a joyful school.