Our ethos

The mission of any educational institution is made up of a number of ideas, articulated in such a way that will bring about a set of guiding values. Our school's mission statement (or "Ideario"; see Spanish text below) conveys a formative offer to society and is articulated in clear terms, allowing any potential family to embrace it fully as the best option for their children or, alternatively, to reject it after a judicious reading of the same. In either case, there must be an absolute conviction, given the transcendence of the decision.

Far from any strict "rules," with the corresponding list of forbidden things and punishments, our mission statement is articulated in positive terms. It is all about encouraging and fostering virtues, rather than making a catalogue of prohibitions. Virtue consists in choosing to do what is ethically excellent out of the options that one has, until the point is reached where doing the right thing has become a spontaneous habit. Also, it consists in attaining a consciousness about oneself and about others, about the need for generosity and justice. All this comes as the result of knowing you are privileged to receive the kind of education that allows you to remain true to what is essential and to yourself.

ESSENTIAE FIDELITAS LIBERTATIS FONS (“faithfulness to one’s essence is the source of freedom”). This is our school’s motto; it is a way of life. Essence is not what one is but the aspiration to becoming the best one can get to be; that is our objective. This is excellence. Our main purpose is to search for it in the ethical, aesthetic, and cultural values of Western civilization and its intellectual heritage.

Ultimately, cooperation, the full development of each of our students’ potential, the upward trajectory based on all those values and on highly demanding academic standards, make our school a differentiated entity inside the academic field, in a European and Western scope. Our mission is to forge people who are able to develop all of their potential to its full extent, so that they become precisely what our guiding principle indicates: the best that they can get to be.