Who founded the school, and why?

Europa International School was founded in 1986 by a group of parents whose careers were in the areas of higher education, scientific research, business and primary or secondary education. They were all driven by the common goal of providing their children and students with the best educational resources and methodologies available at an international level.

Why aren't we a government-funded or a religious school?

Europa International School is a private educational entity (Europa International School, S.A.) that is exclusively devoted to its own mission and philosophy. The school does not receive -nor does it apply for- any public or private funding, in order to guarantee its own ideological and organizational independence. At the same time, EIS complies with all basic regulations and covers every curricular aim that is legally required from both private and public educational institutions.
Beyond these minimum requirements, EIS offers its students a range of extracurricular activities.

Why are we an 'International School'?

The term 'international' per se is not meant to convey anything regarding the quality of our education. We are an international school because we are European and we want to arouse in our students a love for the heritage of the Western world. Above all, an international school is one where one can learn that the best and worst things of humanity, the 'foreignness' or familiarity of our neighbors, are not distributed according to geographical borders. An international school is also one where students learn to be citizens of the world. Fluency and high competence in foreign languages is basic to our international approach. More info

Why don't we do International Baccalaureate?

The International Baccalaureate Organization is an international educational foundation which has formative programs for those centers that are willing to follow its guidelines and uphold its principles. By doing so, their students do not have to go through standard university access exams. Europa International School is a private educational center (authorized and recognized both by Spanish and international institutions) that boasts complete ideological and economic independence. Only in this way can we exercise full freedom (with the responsibility it entails), and allow our students to reach the highest level in a holistic educational program.

Why does the bilingual program not continue all the way up to senior year (12th grade/A-Levels)?

Our main aim in the last stage of secondary education is our students' successful preparation for university access exams, as well as the accomplishment of integrity as men and women. Thus, they will be capable of exercising their freedom to choose in the future, whatever opportunities may come their way. For this reason, although our students continue to advance in their already high level of English, French and German, a fully bilingual program is not feasible at the Baccalaureate level.