Extracurricular activities

As the admissions departments of universities and the HH.RR sections of businesses and companies know perfectly well, a merely academic record does not integrally show the person's formative trajectory and achievements. The record that demonstrates a person's holistic education must go beyond subjects and the grades obtained in them. Things like the books one has read and has been shaped by, sporting events and achievements, social skills one has or solidarity projects one has taken part in, demonstrated leadership, etc. are some of the things that make up a student's personality and define who he/she is. These aspects of the student's formative trajectory are reflected in the record of extracurricular activities, which go beyond one's purely academic qualifications (or 'curriculum A'), and at EIS we call it 'curriculum B'.

In this sense, the variety of stimulating activities and the range of opportunities that EIS offers is significant. Among others, there are:
- Formative programs in the area of foreign languages, including summer courses and official exams' preparation (English, French and German).
- International student exchanges, including one-to-three-month programs with prestigious educational institutions.
- External certificates and exams (Brahms program).
- Literary or entrepreneurial contests, Science and Art fairs, etc.

Each of these activities, which throughout our students' school life contribute to their formative trajectory and shape their personality, appear in EIS's virtual/online record with the corresponding dates of events, participations, membership periods, etc. The only requirement for something to be included in this record is that it receive the recognition of some entity other than the school.