Commitment to excellence

'The best' things within our reach become 'the essential' in education.

Maximizing your child's possibilities is our shared commitment
Providing our children with the best education possibilities is one of the most profound commitments we assume when they arrive into our families. Parents are aware that the measure of success their children achieve during the educational process will, to a large extent, govern their future choices and consequent accomplishments.
At a deeper level, we parents understand that whatever economic resources we can provide for our children will serve only as an instrument to cater for their needs, but that a holistic education will equip them to fulfill their potential as functioning adults and allow them to become creators of their own destinies. In this sense, the effort and care we invest during the child's formative years are the best and only true interitance we can possibly pass on to them.
A total commitment to the best possible education within our reach is essential to Europa International School's mission. Everything else regarding educational programs or resources is potentially subject to change, but this basic, holistic commitment to excellence remains unaltered.