At a glance

Our ideology is based on an international outlook and grounded in the shared cultural values and heritage of Western civilization

  • A school day from 9:00am to 5:30pm.
  • A campus of more than 14 acres in the "El Aljarafe" area, on the outskirts of Seville in a sylvan setting.
  • Bilingual education: English 20 hours a week during the decisive first 9 years. Throughout the years of primary/elementary school, our students are also introduced to French and German. All foreign examinations have external examinations (Cambridge, Goethe, CIEP) established as assessment criteria. They all have international recognition. Materials and methods are selected from the most prestigious publishers and centers of FLT.
  • Student Exchange Programs: A wide range of international exchanges, both academic and cultural, with other schools of excellence worldwide (Europe, Canada & USA).
  • Advanced Science and Maths programs: Nautilus, Astronomy classroom, e-learning, Robotic "Proteus"and an open Science Exhibition ('From real life to the classroom, and from the classroom to real life').
  • 'Aletheia' program: designed to strengthen the development of intelligence and logic in all areas of knowledge.
  • Music: A choir of international excellence, teachers who are professional musicians, 125 piano keyboards, concert seasons of chamber music, etc. 
  • Physical Education: oriented towards the well-being and health of each student. The 'Meta' program details and records individual growth, strength and skills over the years.
  • Our methods and resources are constantly updated and upgraded to stay abreast with our students' needs in a rapidly changing society.
  • Regular information for parents: assistance, computerized work/study ('Quaestio'), assessments, and extracurricular projects undertaken by students.
  • 15 tutors (heads of year) dedicated to the improvement of their students' capacities and development.
  • University access exams: we can boast of our students' excellent results in the past. The best statistic we can offer is that there are more than 20 generations of our students in universities or as professionals all around the globe.
  • Clinic: We have a fulltime doctor and a nurse who are devoted to promoting health throughout the school.