A holistic education: Integrity and integration

Our aim as a school is to educate in integrity and with the goal of integration. This means:
  • Educating the student at every level and in multiple aspects.
  • Teaching a general, foundational, yet profound curriculum by avoiding and postponing (as much as possible) categories like 'Science' or 'Humanities'.
  • Integrating. That is, bringing real life to the classroom and going from the classroom to real life. We learn when we acquire a new perspective from experience, and when acting on that perspective becomes second nature and spontaneous.
  • Integrating all vital resources into one enterprise, namely, educating each student individually. Schools and families are two separate and independent formative contexts, but they are necessarily complementary. A child's education must be the fruit of a joint effort and an interactive process. Therefore, a variety of means are offered in order to enable communication and cooperation between families and the school.