Return from the US and Canada, Spring 2017 exchanges

This weekend just gone, the return of the 20 EIS students who have been to America this Spring has been completed. The last student came back yesterday from Toronto after attending Appleby College for a month and a half.
During the last couple of weeks, the other 19 students have been coming back gradually from the three different schools in the US that exchange with Europa International School. Apart from taking a variety of classes and experiencing what it's like to be in an American high school, our students were able to take part in markedly cultural events like Prom, visit notable large cities like Chicago and New York, or go hiking in the Rocky Mountains.
Some of them will soon share, through a short interview, the once-in-a-lifetime experience they've enjoyed by taking part in our Student Exchange Program.

Science Magazine Blog

Ms. Sheila Bastian's classroom is a laboratory. Her blog SCIENCE MAGAZINE is a window into her lessons, which are a clear proof of the essentially practical nature of her subject: Natural Science (taught in English in the context of secondary education). Check out the stimulating content of this blog!

Exchange Program: Cultural trips

During the last few weeks, Europa International School's exchange program has been at one of its peaks of 2017. Coinciding with the 5 week stay of several students from Canada and the US, we have received the visits of 2 German language immersion exchanges. XXStudents from both Germany and Austria have joined EIS for a number of educational and cultural trips, as well as classes of Spanish as a Second Language. XXAmong the historical sites and cities they have been able to visit are Cordoba's mosque, Cádiz and, of course, Seville with its Cathedral and Alcázar. They have been able to enjoy our multicultural artistic and historical heritage.

Have a great rest of your stay and a safe return journey! Auf Wiedersehen! Farewell!

Our school is recommended... from the UK

An issue of the British online publication Spain Buddy from 2015, aimed at those who wish to come to Spain or who simply want information about services and businesses in our country, commends Europa International School as a quality educational center, together with Sotogrande International School.
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Exchange students coming and going

This week our International Exchange Program is at its peak. We have students who have travelled to Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Lyon (France) in the last few days, and this morning, 7 February at 10:15am, we have welcome exchange students from 3 different countries. Right now, and for a few weeks to come, at Europa International School there are 16 German students from Hebbelschule Kiel , 5 students from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta (USA), and one from Appleby College in Toronto (Canada). These last two exchanges are run in coordination with the English Department. See how happy they are (in the picture below) to have finally met their pen pals! ​

Sandringham School friends spending one week with us!

From Thursday 6th to the 12th of October, 36 students from Sandringham School (St. Albans, England) are taking part in an exchange with the same amount of students from Europa International School. EIS students will visit the English school next Spring. Sandringham students are enjoying the mild Autumn weather of Seville (still over 30!), and will visit historically and artistically relevant cities from the south of Spain like Cadiz or Cordova. They will also have the chance to spend time in EIS classrooms and take part in the computerized learning program (Quaestio).
Sandringham students, always welcome! Enjoy your stay!